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Our Mission

Identity Theft Prevention is here to help you from losing everything to an identity thief. The explosion in methamphetamine use has created a legion of ID thieves that NEVER SLEEP! Because of this, you should find a service that saves you from the troubles that have hurt many of us. Whether you've got good credit, or are trying to fix the damage caused by anonymous criminals, you need to find a good ID theft prevention service.

Who is ID Watchdog?

If you've seen the commercials on late night television, then you recognize John Bunnell from World's Wildest Police Chases as the spokesman for ID Watchdog, which is a Denver based company that offers 100% guaranteed Identity Theft Protection and Prevention. Because your identity can be stolen by people rummaging through your trash, stealing your wallet, copying your credit card at a restaurant, or even your employer, you need advanced protection. ID Watchdog uses an advanced database to monitor your credit and check directly with you whenever someone tries to get credit in your name.

In some cases, criminals may be using your good name! ID Watchdog famously helped Charles Weidman prove that he was not the person wanted in 5 states who stole his identity. With Free Signup (there is a $1.95 fee to cover processing) you can get into a service that scans driving, credit, and criminal records for your identity so you don't have any surprises waiting for you. After the free trial, the cost for continued service is $20 per month. If you're like me, and have already been hit with ID theft (Hint: You most likely live in Florida, California, Nevada, Colorado, Texas, or Illinois) then you know that $20 is a lot cheaper than a trashed credit rating and an empty bank account. Want to know something else? If your ID is stolen, and you fall behind on payments because your money is taken, you still just saw your credit get ruined even though you did nothing wrong!

Soon we will have advice and resources for ID Theft Prevention and Protection. Until that time, be sure to visit our sponsors. If you've seen the commercials for Lifelock or other forms of Identity Protection, then you can sign up directly with them through this site, and put a shield around your personal information.

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